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Follow Me

Walk through the house and say to each person, “Come with me” (not telling them where you are going or what you are going to do). If they follow you, take them out for a treat, play a fun game, or do an activity they will enjoy.


Are you glad you followed me? (Hopefully, they will say yes.)

Jesus called 12 men to follow Him. They were His disciples while He lived on earth. We need to learn from God’s Word and follow the instructions God gives us. Disciples of Jesus follow Him, learn from Him, and love Him. Jesus calls us to follow Him, to learn from Him and to love Him. He wants us to invite people to follow Jesus and help them to love Him also.

The Best Example

The Bible teaches us about Jesus and how He lived while He was on earth. Jesus was an example for people to follow. We can learn from Him and do what He did.

Write each of the following on a slip of paper and take turns picking a slip of paper to act out some things Jesus did…that we can do also. They can pick someone to help them act it out, if needed.

• prayed

• served others (example: He washed their feet)

• obeyed His parents

• was kind to little children

• made breakfast for His friends

• went to church (synagogue) each week

• told others the way to Heaven

Ask each family member to choose one way to follow Jesus this week. Make a sign and put it on the fridge that says, “I will follow Jesus by…” and have each person write down what they will do (or you can write it for them).

The Way to Know


How will people know if you are a follower of Jesus?

Read John 13:35. How will people know if we are Jesus’ disciples? (If you have love one to another.)

Did Jesus say people will know you are a disciple if you wear a sign saying, “I am a disciple?” (No!)

Did Jesus say people will know you are a disciple if you have pink hair? (No!)

Did Jesus say people will know you are a disciple if you wear polka dots? (No!)

He said people will know you are a disciple if you love others.

We must love Jesus with our heart, soul, strength, and mind. When we do this, we want to love others and share Jesus with them too!

Plan and do one thing to show love to someone else TODAY. (Brainstorm for ideas.)

Ideas: Pray for someone. Write a note or card or draw a picture for someone sick. Make some food for someone. Give a bottle of water to a worker. Say nice, kind words to a friend. Visit and take some flowers to an elderly person.