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Arguing Is No Fun

Plan a special meal to teach your children about unity. Announce each course (appetizer, main course, vegetables, drink, dessert) and invite each family member to share what they would like. (Expect lots of different opinions!)

Ask each one to compromise and then prepare a good meal.

We all have different opinions about what we like or don’t like…and that’s okay. We don’t all have to agree that broccoli is the best vegetable in the world.

What might have happened if we hadn’t reached an agreement? (We would still be arguing, We wouldn’t have known what to make, We would be hungry, etc.)

The Christ-followers in Corinth had divided into groups based on their likes and dislikes. Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians, told the Christ-followers to work together instead of dividing according to whom they liked. Even though we have different likes and dislikes, we can work together to do good things for God’s church.

Better Together

Think of a simple activity for your family to do together (clean the kitchen, play a game of kickball, plant flowers, etc.). In a discreet way, tell one child to do one thing and then tell another child to do the opposite. (For example, if you are cleaning the kitchen, tell one child to put the dishes in the dishwasher, while telling another one to put the dishes in the dining room, or even another to put the dishes under the sink. They should all be working against each other.)

Call a break and give ONE instruction. (Put the dishes in the dishwasher.) Then talk about it:

Why was it hard to accomplish your task? (We were working against each other, We had different goals, etc.)

Why is it better to work together? (We can accomplish more, We don’t spend our time arguing, etc.)

We can accomplish so much more when we all work together! God meant for all Christ-followers to work together to do His work.

Stand United

Read John 1:12 with the children. Ask your children the following questions:

Who are we to receive? (Jesus!)

What will happen to those who receive Jesus, those who believe in Him? (They become part of God’s family.)

God’s goodness and power allow us to be part of His family. When we believe in Jesus, His death, and resurrection, God gives us the power to be united with Him. If we are connected to God, we are also connected to other believers (1 John 1:7). As we work together, we can share God’s message and build His church.