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Just a Little?

Show how sin affects the whole body of Christ followers by making a dessert (or any type of food) together. Assign each child an ingredient to add. As they add the ingredients one at a time, talk about how good it will taste. When all the ingredients have been added, pick up a handful of rocks and pretend that you are going to add them. Give in to the children’s pleas not to ruin the dessert and leave them out. Then talk about it:

Why didn’t you want me to add those rocks? Just as a few rocks would have ruined our dessert, a little sin will hurt all of us. The church in Corinth was allowing one of its church members to openly sin and go against God’s commands. Paul told them (in a letter) that this man’s sin would affect the whole church and he needed to be disciplined. Some might think sin is not such a bad thing or that one’s sin doesn’t affect anyone else. Sin is a bad thing. It always hurts the one sinning, but it affects others also.

Christ Changes Us

Play a little game to see if the children can pick out the change each one made in their appearance. Ask each person to find a partner and look carefully at one another. Then have them turn their back and make a simple change. (It can be as simple as putting a strand of hair behind their ear or rolling up a sleeve.) When they turn around, see if their partner can tell what has been changed. Pick new partners and play a few more rounds.

Was it hard or easy to see the change?

Paul told the Corinthians that followers of Christ should look differently (not physically) than they used to. Before they became a part of God’s family, they did many wrong things. Lying, stealing, coveting, worshiping idols, and more should not be part of their new life in Christ. Old things are passed away and there should be a noticeable change (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Could someone tell by your behavior that you are a follower of Christ?

Slow Change

Do a simple experiment to show change.

Items Needed: White carnations (one per child); a glass half-filled with water for each carnation; food coloring (red, blue, and green); scissors (adult assistance)


  1. Fill each glass about halfway up with water.
  2. Add food coloring to each glass, about 10-20 drops to make a vibrant color. (More is better!)
  3. Cut each stem at an angle and place it in the glass.
  4. Check the carnations every few hours to see if anything is happening. (You might see some results in as little as two or three hours, but it might take up to a day to see full results.)

*This also works with celery, if flowers are not available.

What made the change in the color of the flower? (The food coloring we put into the water)

Something was added to the water to make a change.

How can we change? For us to change and make good choices, we need God’s help. When the Holy Spirit comes to live inside us, He will begin to change us. It’s a slow process, but as we obey Him and His words in the Bible, we will be become more like Jesus.