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Closer and Closer

Items Needed:

Marshmallows, plastic eggs, wrapped candy, ping pong balls, etc.

Gather some marshmallows, plastic eggs, individually wrapped candy, ping pong balls, or any item that can be safely tossed and play a simple game to talk about being closer to God. (If the weather is nice, play outside.) Pair up family members and instruct them to stand opposite of each other about 12 feet away. (If there is an odd number, designate one as the judge to make sure everyone plays fair.)

Give the item to be tossed to one of each pair and ask them to throw it to their partner. (Because of the distance, the partner probably won’t be able to catch it.) Allow them to take one small step closer and continue the game. After each throw, let them move another step closer until their partner catches the item.

Why was it hard to catch the item at the beginning? (My partner was too far away; my partner wasn’t paying attention; etc.)

Just as it was hard to catch the item when your partner was far away, it can be hard for us to hear God if we don’t spend time to grow closer to Him. He wants to speak to us through His Word, but we never read the Bible. He wants to listen and answer our prayers, but we don’t pray to Him. He wants to help us, but we ignore Him and pay attention only to our friends. King Solomon dedicated the Temple in a special prayer to God. The prayer showed the close relationship he had with God. When we talk to God, we will feel closer to Him.

Closer! How?

Items Needed:

  • Pen
  • Index cards

Write some of the following ways that we can get closer to God on index cards or slips of paper: pray, give offerings, listen to music that makes you think about God, draw a picture for God, write a note to God, do kind things for others, ask for help and thank Him when He answers your prayer, look at nature and think of who God is, go to church, read the Bible, obey the Bible, etc.

Take turns picking a card and acting out a way we can get closer to God.

King Solomon loved God and wanted to know Him. He built a beautiful Temple where God’s presence could dwell. He prayed. He gave offerings to God. He found many ways to get closer to God.

The more time we spend learning about God, thinking about Him, serving Him, and obeying Him, the closer we will be to Him. Spending time with God is the most important thing we can do each day.

Special Time

How can you help your children grow closer to God? One great way is to help them develop the habit of having a “quiet time” each day where they read the Bible and pray. Give them a good devotional book and read the Bible together as a family.

One night each week ask everyone to bring their devotional book to the dinner table and discuss what they’re learning.

Here are some questions to ask:

What is something you enjoyed reading this week in your quiet time?

What have you learned about God this week?

What can you do to show God love?

How can something you read help you?

D6 devotional guides based on the weekly Bible theme for every age group are available. For more information, go to and click on your child’s age group to order.