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Someone to Help

Assign a specific chore to each child—one that is hard to do alone. As they struggle to complete it, ask if they would like some help. Complete the chore with them.

What helped get the chore done faster and better? (having another person to help)

Just like you needed help with your chore, we all need help doing what is right. The Holy Spirit is a wonderful gift from God. Even though we can’t see Him, He lives inside us to help us do what is right. He is our helper, comforter, and encourager. Let’s practice saying yes to the Holy Spirit and no to sin.


Items Needed:

  • Regular balloon
  • Helium balloon
  • Strings

Share a simple object lesson about God’s power inside us. Blow up and tie the regular balloon. Tie a string to the balloon as well. Ask a volunteer to try to keep it in the air until you say stop. The balloon will not stay in the air.

Hold the helium balloon by its string and ask someone to keep it in the air.

Our regular balloon is like people who do not have the Holy Spirit living inside them. These people depend on themselves and try to do what is right. They might be able to do what is right for a while, but eventually they stop trying and fail.

But our helium balloon is like someone who has the Holy Spirit living inside them. God fills him (let go of string) with His power and helps him to do what he cannot do on his own. God’s power is far greater than ours and He will help us do what is right.

Which Way Do I Go?

Items Needed:

  • Blindfold

Pair up family members and designate one as the listener and the other as the guide. Blindfold the listener and tell the guide that he must direct his partner safely to a designated spot, using words but not touching him. (Example: Take five steps and turn right. Walk straight ahead. Carefully, walk down three steps. Stop. etc.) When the listener has arrived safely at the designated spot, switch roles.

Talk about it:

Did you like being the listener or the guide?

How did your guide’s instructions help you? (They helped you know which way to go; they kept you safe; etc.)

What might have happened if you ignored the instructions of the person guiding you? (I could have been hurt; I might have fallen; etc.)

God gave us the Holy Spirit to live in us and guide us. Our job is to trust the Holy Spirit. Trusting Him leads us to listen and obey.