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Who Am I?

While you are driving in the car, guess the identity of famous people. Announce a category of famous people that your children would know (historical figures, presidents, TV personalities, cartoon characters, singers, etc.) and invite one person at a time to pick a person (but not tell anyone). The others will ask questions that can only be answered by a yes or no to discover their person’s “identity.”

If you have younger children, you may want to guess animals instead of people. Give them clues if they need help after a few minutes.

Talk about it:

What is an identity? (who you are; what you are like; etc.)

Paul wrote that when a person accepts and follows Jesus, he is a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). He/she has a new identity. No, you don’t get a new name or body, but you are different on the inside. God forgives your sin and makes you part of His family. We are to live in ways that honor God and our new family. The old ways of selfishness should be put away and the new ways of loving should be part of who we are.

Switch Places

When your child disobeys, announce the punishment or consequence for the misbehavior. But tell your child that you want to take their punishment.

Talk about it: Were you surprised when I took your punishment? Who deserved to be punished?

We have sinned against God and deserve to be punished, but Jesus took our punishment. This is grace. Grace is getting something you don’t work for or even deserve. God freely gives us grace. When we believe in what Jesus did and accept His forgiveness, all our sins are gone, and we are given new life.

No Longer Trapped!

Items Needed:

  • Mouse Trap

Show the children a mouse trap. A mouse is a pesky little creature that eats through packages of our food and leaves nasty droppings—ewwwww!

Why would we need to set a mouse trap?

What do we put on the trap to try to catch the mouse?

The mouse wants the bait so badly that he goes after it and is CAUGHT by the trap.

Did you know sin is like a trap? Sin catches us when we give in to it and makes us want to repeat our bad choices. Sin looks good, but the end result is not good.

There are bad results when we sin even if we don’t get caught. But Jesus sets us free from sin! He offers us forgiveness and makes us a new creation when we become a part of His family.