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The Price is TOO High

Announce a fun event (movie night, ice cream run, etc.) When you arrive at the special destination, announce that anyone who wants to participate must pay a certain amount of money (an amount bigger than they could pay). Talk about how the price must be paid when they express disappointment. Finally, pull out your wallet and pay the amount that is needed for each one.

Sometimes we use everyday situations to help us understand bigger ideas.

God said a price had to be paid for sin and there was no way we could pay for our own sins. There was only One who could pay the high price – Jesus, who had no sin.

How did Jesus pay the price for our sin? Out of love, Jesus came to the earth to die on the cross to pay the price for our sins. What an amazing sacrifice He made for us!

For All of Us

Items Needed:

  • Chalk in several colors
  • Sidewalk or driveway
  • Early morning or late afternoon sun

Make shadow drawings with your children. Head outside to a sunny smooth spot. Help your children find their shadow. Instruct them to move their arms and legs to see their shadow change. As each one settles on a pose, trace it with chalk.

Everyone’s shadow is different, because each one of us is different. But God loves all of us and sent His Son to die on a cross for our sin.

Why did Jesus choose to die on a cross for us? (because He loves us)

What should we say to Someone who has done so much for us? (thank you)

Say a prayer of thanks to Jesus for his forgiveness and for giving up His life so we can be saved.

The Go-Between

Items Needed:

  • Two signs (God and Man)

Ask for two volunteers. Put one on one side and one on the other of the room. Give each a sign to hold.

Stand by the one holding the sign that says God and say something like this:

God is in Heaven. In Heaven, everything is perfect. There is no sin in Heaven. If God allowed sin in Heaven, it would no longer be perfect.

What does it mean to be perfect? Perfect means to never sin – not even one time.

Walk to the other side and stand by the one holding the sign that says Man and say something like this:

Could you be perfect if you tried really, really hard?

No! No one is perfect, not even the pastor or the best person you know. We all sin. In fact, the Ten Commandments show us that we aren’t perfect. We can try to never tell a lie, but we will fail. God knew we could never keep all His instructions, so He made a way for us to get to Heaven and be close to Him.

Stand in the middle of the two holding the signs.

God loves us even though we are sinners, and He made a way for us to be close to Him. He sent Jesus to be the go-between for sinful man and God. (Walk to the child holding the Man sign and grab his hand. Bring him with you. Walk to the one holding the God sign and grasp his hand.) When Jesus died on the cross, He brought God and man together.

Ask the children to draw a picture illustrating what they think Heaven will be like.