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Play a game called Choices. Stand in the middle of the room and tell the children you will give them two choices. They will go and stand on the side of the room to indicate their choices.

(If you like , go the left side, pointing to the left. If you like _, go the right side, pointing to the right.)

Some choices to get you started:

  • pepperoni or cheese pizza
  • chocolate or vanilla ice cream
  • playing video games or board games
  • riding your bike or cleaning your room
  • beach or mountains
  • singing or drawing
  • reading or napping

Some choices in life don’t really matter—like if you eat chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Many choices do matter. King Solomon asked God for wisdom to make good choices so he could guide God’s people. We need God’s wisdom to make good choices.

Yes or No?

Items Needed:

  • Two index cards for each child
  • Pencil

Help each child write YES on one card and NO on the other. Help them think about the choices they make. For one whole day, ask them to use the cards to answer (without talking) when you ask them to do something—remembering they are saying YES or NO to God.

God is in charge of the universe, but He gives each person a free will—each one can choose whether to say YES or NO to God.

When Solomon first became king, He made the choice to follow God’s way just as his father, King David had. God knows what is right for us—it is always best to go His way!

Don’t Be Tricked!

Look at some optical illusions online with your children.

Did your eyes trick you?

Sometimes we are confused or tricked into making bad choices. Things are not always as they look, and we need help deciding between right and wrong.

How can we find help to make good choices? (Ask parents or teachers; Look in the Bible; Learn from wrong choices; etc.)

We can’t always rely on how we feel because our feelings can trick us just as our eyes were tricked by these optical illusions. We must make decisions based on the truth of the Bible.