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A Good Way to End the Day

Start a new habit. Every night, before bed, ask, “What three things are you thankful for?” If your children are reluctant to share or have trouble thinking of something, go first and share three things. It doesn’t have to be material things. (Share good things that happened, Things you learned from the Bible, People who helped you, Spiritual blessings, etc.)

Modeling thankfulness and reminding your children of spiritual blessings, will help everyone be happier and more content.

Don’t Forget…

Items Needed:

  • Writing utensils
  • Post-it notes

We use post-it notes to help us remember things. Did you know the idea for the post-it note was thought of in church? In 1974, Arthur Fry was singing in the choir. He couldn’t remember all the numbers for the songs they were going to sing, so he used little pieces of paper to mark the pages. But the pieces of paper kept falling out.

Mr. Fry was a scientist at 3M Company, and he remembered that four years earlier another scientist, Spencer Silver made a weak adhesive—one that was super weak instead of super strong. It stuck to objects but could easily be lifted off. Mr. Fry used some of it to coat his markers and achieved success! The adhesive held the markers in place but was easily lifted without damaging the page. Today they are one of the most popular school and office supplies.

Give each family member five post-it notes and ask them to stick them to something they consider a blessing.

Blessings are things that bring us joy. When we remember the spiritual blessings we have because of Jesus, we can be glad. When we remember a person who was kind to us, we smile. When we remember a Bible verse that comforted us when we were sad, we can be thankful. When our pet greets us at the door, we can be happy. We have many blessings!

God gives blessings—things that bring happiness to His people. Every good and perfect gift is from God. (Read James 1:17.)

This doesn’t mean we will only have good things in our lives. Our biggest blessing is that we have a God who promised to be with us and to bring something good from even the bad things that happen.

Pick Me!

Play a game where children are chosen. (Some suggestions, depending on the age of your kids: Duck, duck, goose, Heads up- Seven Up, Red Rover, etc.)

How did you feel when you were chosen?

How does it feel to be left out?

We all feel sad when we are not chosen for a game or to attend a birthday party or other event. But don’t forget that God has chosen you!

Read Ephesians 1:3-5 aloud.

What has God done for us? (Chosen us, Adopted us, etc.)

Knowing that God has chosen us and adopted us into His family can help us feel wanted and happy! Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and the reward of Heaven is the best spiritual blessing we can receive.