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Hidden in Plain Sight

Items Needed:

  • Flashlights
  • Bible

Send one family member out of the room and choose another one to place the Bible in plain sight. Call the finder into the room, flip off the light, and ask him to find the item. He must shine the flashlight around the room until he finds the “hidden” item. Flip the light on and choose a new hider and finder.

The Bible was not really hidden, but you couldn’t see it in the dark. What helped you find it? (The flashlight) When you shined the light in the darkness, you could see the object.

God’s Word is a light in a dark world. It teaches us about God’s faithfulness and gives us wisdom to make good choices.

Ultimately Reliable

Items Needed:

  • Paper, paper towels, dish towels, wood, etc.
  • Books

Test different materials for reliability. (Any variety you have will do.) Ask the children to gather blocks or other small toys, cars, etc. to use in the experiment.

Make two stacks of books and use the different materials to find out what makes the best bridge between the books. Lay the sheet of paper on top of the books. Then stack items to see how strong the paper is. Will it hold one block? Will it hold 5 blocks? Repeat with other materials. Each time a new material is tested for reliability, make a note of how many blocks it holds.

What material was the most reliable?

What does it mean to be reliable? (To be strong, to be counted on to do what it is supposed to do, etc.)

What does it mean to say that God is reliable? (He is strong, He will do what He has said He will do, We can count on Him for help, etc.)

God and His Word are reliable. The Bible can be trusted to teach us about God’s faithfulness and give us wisdom to make good choices. God’s Word teaches us how to live, and we should praise God for the gift of His Word, the Bible.

Which Way Do We Go?

Items Needed:

  • Map
  • GPS
  • Bible

Show the children the map and GPS. Explain how they work. Emphasize that we must follow the directions on a map or the instructions from the GPS in order to arrive at our destination.

What might happen if we ignored the directions and instructions of the map and GPS? (We might get lost, We wouldn’t get to where we needed to be, etc.)

If someone is trying to guide you, what must you do? (Listen, Pay attention, Follow, etc.)

God gave us a wonderful gift when He gave us His Word, the Bible! The Bible shows us how to live and guides us to make good choices that please God. The Bible teaches us about how Jesus lived and is full of examples of God’s faithfulness. God’s Word is a gift, and we can find delight in its words!