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God’s Blessing

Items Needed:

  • Bible
  • Post-it notes (or slips of paper)
  • Marker
  • Flashlights (optional)

Review the Bible verse the children are learning. (Psalm 119:105)

Write the words from the Bible verse on post-it notes. (You might have to review only a part of the verse if you have young children.) While your children aren’t looking, hide the post-it notes all around the house. At your signal to go, the children must find all the post-it notes, put them in the correct order, and say the verse together.

This verse reminds us that God’s Word shows us the way to live. God’s Word is a blessing to us, and we must turn away from our sin in order to have God’s blessings.

For extra practice, take away some of the post-it notes and see if they can remember the verse. You might also want to allow the children to search for the slips of paper in the dark with flashlights to emphasize “lamp” and “light” from the verse.

Which Way Do I Go?

Item Needed:

  • Bible
  • Blindfold

Pair up family members and designate one as the listener and the other as the guide. Blindfold the listener and tell the guide that he must direct his partner safely to a designated spot, using words but not touching him. (Take five steps and turn right, Walk straight ahead, Walk down three steps, Stop, etc.) When the listener has arrived safely at the designated spot, switch roles.

Talk about it:

Did you like being the listener or the guide?

How did your guide’s instructions help you? (They helped you know which way to go, They kept you safe, etc.)

What might have happened if you ignored the instructions of the person guiding you? (I could have been hurt, I might have fallen, etc.)

What happens when we ignore God’s instructions? (We lead ourselves toward sin, We don’t produce fruit for God, We miss out on God’s righteousness and blessings, etc.)

Read Psalm 119:105.

What does this verse tell us about God’s Word? (It is a lamp for our feet, It is a light for our path, etc.)

God wants us to follow His way. His Word is full of promises and blessings for us. Our job is to follow God’s Word, produce fruit, and experience God’s blessings. Following God’s way is always best.

Bear Fruit in Every Season

Items Needed:

  • Variety of fruit

For breakfast, make fruit smoothies or fruit salad and talk about how we can be like a fruit tree.

While enjoying the fruit, talk with your children and ask them the following questions:

What is your favorite fruit?

Why does the Bible say those who meditate (think about) God’s laws will be like fruit trees?

Read Psalm 1:2-3. Just as a peach tree bears fruit every summer, we are to “produce” good things. When we think about and obey God’s Word, we will produce good fruits such as love for others, patience for others, kindness toward others, etc.

Summer is a great time to get into the habit of reading the Bible every day. You might be surprised what good things come from that.