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Time for Battle!

Items Needed:

  • Cotton balls (or stack of paper to make paper balls)
  • Masking tape
  • Cookie sheet, cardboard, etc.
  • Timer

Mark a line with masking tape. Divide family members into two teams, one team on each side of the tape. At the signal to go, each team must throw the cotton balls or paper balls one at a time at the other team. After one minute, stop the game and count how many are on each side. The team with the lowest number on their side is the winner.

How did it feel when others were throwing the cotton balls at you?

How does this game remind you of a real battle that is going on? (Satan is always attacking Christians.)

How does the devil attack us? What does he try to get us to do? (Sin, feel discouraged, doubt God, etc.)

Paul compared the Christian life to being a soldier in battle. The devil throws many temptations (desire to do wrong things) and we must be prepared.

Set the timer for one minute and let one team throw cotton or paper balls at the other team who are holding shields (a cookie sheet, a piece of cardboard, a lid to a storage tub, etc.). Pass the shields to the other team and let them be bombarded for one minute.

How did the shield help you? (It kept the cotton balls from hitting me; it kept me safe; etc.)

One part of the armor is the shield of faith. The shield of faith (believing that God’s Word is true) can protect us from doubts that come to us, such as:

  • The Bible isn’t true.
  • God doesn’t really love you.
  • God doesn’t answer your prayer.

When these doubts come, we can put up our shield and say:

  • I believe the Bible is true.
  • I believe God loves me.
  • I believe God answers prayer.

God’s armor can protect us from temptations.

Suit Up!

Items Needed: Bible

As you are watching or participating in football or another sport, ask:

Why do they (we) wear a uniform and other equipment? (To show which team they are on, to protect themselves from getting hurt, etc.)

Just as an athlete wears protective equipment, we must protect ourselves from the devil’s attacks. We don’t wear special clothing, but each part of the armor represents a way we can protect ourselves from temptations to sin.

Read and discuss Ephesians 6:10-18 as a family.

Get Dressed!

As your kids begin the day, pantomime putting on the armor of God and saying the following or similar statements for each piece.

  • I will strap on the belt of truth – I will tell the truth in every situation.
  • I will do what is right even though it is hard (breastplate).
  • My feet will take me to share the good news about Jesus with others.
  • I will put up my shield and believe God.
  • I will put on the helmet to remember that I have been saved from sin.
  • I will use my sword and speak God’s Word when I am tempted.