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Our Good Shepherd

Item Needed: Bible

Read Isaiah 53:6-7 to your children. Ask them if they know who these verses are about. Remind your children about Jesus’ suffering on the cross. Read the verses again and instruct your children to listen for the words “sheep,” “lamb,” and “Lord.” When they hear the words “sheep” or “lamb,” they are to say “baa,” and when they hear the word “Lord,” they should flex their muscles because the Lord is strong and powerful.

What does a shepherd do for his sheep? (Guides them; feeds them; protects them; even gives up his life for them, if needed)

Jesus is our Good Shepherd. He suffered on the cross for us and takes care of us too. He is worthy of our praise and thankfulness.

Stay Close

Item Needed: Masking tape or rope

Play an outside game of “Freeze Tag” to introduce the idea that a shepherd protects his sheep.

The object of the game is to get all the sheep in the sheepfold. Designate one child as the shepherd, another child as the wolf, and the rest of the family or friends will be the sheep. Designate part of the yard as the “sheepfold” (where the shepherd is) with masking tape or a rope laid on the ground. Line up the sheep opposite of the sheepfold.

When the shepherd says, “Come,” all the sheep must run to the sheepfold without being tagged by the wolf. If anyone is tagged by the wolf, he or she must “freeze” and can only be “unfrozen” by the shepherd. The game ends when all the sheep are safe inside the sheepfold. (If they are enjoying it, choose a new shepherd and wolf and play again.)

Where was the safest place for a sheep to be? (In the sheepfold, near the shepherd)

Jesus is our Good Shepherd. He knows His sheep, cares for them, and protects them from harm.

The closer we stay to the Shepherd, the safer we will feel.

Thank You, Lord!

Items Needed:

  • Paper
  • Markers

Pass out paper and markers and ask your children to think about Jesus’ death. Instruct your children to draw pictures to express thanks to God for delivering us from our sin.

Why is it important to remember Jesus’ death? (So we can understand His great love for us; so we can say thank you; so we can share His love with others; etc.)

Why are you glad Jesus gave up His life for us? (We can have our sins taken away; we can go to Heaven; we can have a special friendship with Him; etc.)

God freed us from sin when Jesus died on the cross–taking our punishment.

We must remember Jesus’ suffering and death—His great love and sacrifice for us. We can remember His love and be thankful every day that He gave up His life so we can have eternal life.