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Growing In Holiness

Items Needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • Paper
  • Writing utensil

Measure your children to see how much they have grown. (A fun idea is to measure them every year on their birthday and other holidays to periodically chart their growth.)

God designed our bodies to grow. Just as our physical body keeps growing, we can keep growing in other ways. When we are born into God’s family, we will grow to be more like Him. Jesus is the perfect example of how we should live. Jesus was loving, kind, and holy.

What would it look like for someone to grow in holiness? (Resist temptation; Memorize Scripture; Use kind words; Love others; etc.)

The more we say yes to obeying God’s words and no to our selfish ways, the more we will grow to be holy like Jesus.

Action Required

Play a game of charades with your children. (Animals are fun and easy to act out.)

After everyone has had a few turns to act and guess, ask:

How were you able to guess the animals? (By looking at what the animal did; etc.)

Our actions are important, and they tell others what kind of person we are. Jesus never sinned. He is perfectly holy. We can follow His example and try to be holy like Him. Being holy requires action. Can others tell that you follow Jesus by your actions? Discuss some ways you can pursue holiness this week.

Who Are You?

Items Needed:

  • Paper
  • Writing utensil

Guess different items’ identities to talk about holiness.

Write each of the following items (any items would do) on a piece of paper or index card. (Items: washing machine, pencil sharpener, lawn mower, coat, cell phone, etc.)

Invite someone to pick a card (not letting anyone see what is written on the card). That person should describe the item on his or her paper. The others are to guess the item based on the description.

After all the items have been guessed, talk about it.

Was it hard to guess the items?

How did we guess these items? (By hearing more about them—what they do; what noise they make; what size they are; etc.)

Read 1 Peter 1:16.

Why should we try to live holy lives? (Because Jesus is holy; We should follow the example of Jesus; etc.) How can others know we are pursuing holiness? (By the things we do; by the words we say; etc.)

When you hear the name Noah, what do you think of? (Ark; flood; rainbow; obeyed God; etc.) Noah chose to live a holy life and obeyed God even when others didn’t. (You can share the names of others if time allows.) Holiness is being set apart or different from the world. Let’s try to live holy lives because Jesus is holy.

What do people think when they hear your name?