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Forgiving others when they hurt us is not always easy. We must teach our children

to forgive. Ask your child to write down or draw a picture showing how they were offended, insulted, or hurt.

How did you feel when you were insulted or hurt? (Sad, mad, left out, etc.)

To forgive someone means that you will not try to get that person back for hurting you. It does NOT mean he/she was right. It is wrong to hurt others. It does not mean that you aren’t sad or mad. It means that you are willing to let God help you let go of the hurt.

Ask your child to take the piece of paper, wad it up, and throw it away.

Why should we forgive others? (Because we have been forgiven by God, because unforgiveness hurts us, because God tells us to forgive, etc.)

When we are willing, God can help us forgive others and have closeness with them again.

How Can We Solve This?

Help children learn to see the good in one another and forgive. When children argue with one another, ask them to stand on opposite sides of the room, facing each other. Set the timer for two minutes and ask one to share his side of the story while the other listens without interrupting. Set the timer again and allow the other one to share his side, without interrupting. Then ask, “How can we solve this?” Reach an agreement and decide to forgive.

Then ask each one to take a step toward the other and say one good thing about the other (something good about the other person or something he enjoys doing with the other) until they are face to face and can shake hands or hug.

Loving others is all about forgiving and letting go of the hurt. (1 Peter 4:8)

Mirror, Mirror

Choose two family members to sit face-to-face a few feet apart. Instruct one to make movements and the other to copy the movements. Keep track of how well the “mirror” reflects the movements of his or her partner.

Read 1 Corinthians 13:5 together and discuss the characteristics of love and the challenges of the activity. Explain that one way we can mirror the love of Christ is by forgiving each other.

Memorize the jingle “Forgiving love is from above” as a family.