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A Special Gift

Items Needed: Gift card to an ice cream shop

Wrap the gift card and give it to one family member. After he/she has opened it, ask, “What would like to do with your gift?” (Hopefully, he/she will say, “Use it!”)

Are you willing to share your gift with the rest of our family?

If he/she says yes, load up the family and head out to use the gift card. As you are enjoying the treat, talk about the gift of helping others.

How did you feel when _ shared the gift with us?

Did you know that helping others is a gift?

The ability to help others is a special gift from God.

All of us are capable of helping others, and this is a great way to serve God.

When_________ shared his/her gift with us, we all enjoyed a treat. Sharing with others and being kind are a couple great things to do as we try to help others.

How Can You Help Others?

Brainstorm a way that your family can serve others through helping.

Some ideas:

Make a meal or dessert and cards for a sick friend.

Do yard work for an elderly neighbor.

Complete a job at the church.

Plan a back to school party for your friends and collect school supplies for families in need.

Use your skills and talents to help others.

Kindness Box

Items Needed: Small box, crayons, markers, stickers, etc.

Give your child a box and provide him/her with supplies to decorate the box. Encourage your child to write kind words on the box as well. (Help with this if necessary.) Explain to your child how compliments and kind words make people feel loved. Write each family member’s name on a small piece of paper. Pass the papers around having everyone write something nice on each paper. (If your child is too young to write, allow him/her to dictate to you.) Place the papers into the kindness box. Pull them out one at time and read them aloud.

God wants us to show kindness to each other and to help one another as well. After reading the kind words from the box, discuss ways you can help each other throughout the week.