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What Matters Most

Items Needed: A plastic bag for each child, a bag with a Bible, family picture, and a special gift from your child

Before going on a picnic or out to eat, give your child five minutes to pack a bag with 3-5 of his/her most important belongings before heading out the door. As you drive, ask each person to share what items they chose and why.

Once you arrive at the destination, remove the Bible from the bag and explain that the Bible is a symbol of our top priority–our faith in God. Show your child the family picture and the special gift as well. Talk with your child about why these things are important and what our priorities, what we treasure most, should be.

Loving God and loving others should be a priority in our lives. When we put God first and love others well, we can experience true joy.

Stay Focused

Show your child an actual mousetrap or watch a video of how a mousetrap works. If you are using an actual mousetrap, bait the trap and spring it with a stick, ruler, or pencil.

Do you think the mousetrap was made to make life better or worse for the mouse? (Worse for the mouse, better for the trapper)

Why do you think a mouse goes near a trap? (The mouse wants the bait.)

Just like the bait distracts the mouse from the danger of the mousetrap, Satan distracts us from God’s plan with his own tricks and traps.

What are some ways Satan tricks us? (Makes our wants seems better than God’s plan)

Haggai reminded the Jewish people to avoid distractions. We need that reminder too! We must put God first, listen to Him, and obey His Word.

Follow the Map

Items Needed: Hand-drawn map or list of directions

Plan an exciting family outing. Assign your child to help you navigate using the map you created, but ignore his/her instructions. Assure him/her that you know what you are doing without help from the map. After several wrong turns, stop the car and admit that you are lost. Your child will possibly be frustrated with you and scold you a bit.

What should we do next? (Follow the map, go back to the beginning and follow the directions, etc.)

When you arrive at the correct destination, remind your child that God’s Word is our life map. We should listen and obey God’s words in order to follow the plan God has for each of our lives. Reading the Bible should be a priority and a part of our daily life.