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Grow in the Word

Items needed: Packet of seeds, Flowerpots or starter pots, Soil, Water

The Bible is God’s truth and contains all we need to grow to be more like Jesus. It can help us learn how to get to heaven, to be a good friend, to forgive our enemies, and to grow in love and many other good qualities.

What things can keep God’s Word from helping us? (We don’t listen to it; we don’t do what it says; we don’t think about it; we are more concerned about other things; etc.)

Just as we plant a seed and must take care of it to help it grow, God’s Word is like a seed that we must pay attention to. We must read the Bible, think about God’s words, and obey what God tells us to do. God’s Word will produce good things in us.

But if we ignore God’s Word, we will not grow in our walk with Him. The same is true of plants, isn’t it? If we don’t take care of our plant, it will not grow. Instead, it will wither and die.

Plant some seeds (that can later be transplanted into your garden or yard) as a way to reinforce this discussion.

God’s Thoughts and Truth

Items needed: pieces of copy or construction paper, markers or crayons, yarn, twine, or string, tape

Make a banner to review 2 Timothy 3:16.

What did Jesus say about the Bible? (God-breathed, used for teaching, helps us do good)

All of Jesus’ words are true and were written down in the Bible. Different men wrote God’s words in the Bible, but His Spirit directed them all. The Bible is not filled with man’s ideas, but with God’s thoughts and truth. God’s Word, the Bible, contains truth about how to live and to grow to be more like Jesus. There is so much we need to know. Every time we open our Bible and read God’s words, we can learn more that will help us.

Assign different phrases of the verse for the kids to illustrate. (The older ones can help the younger ones write the words while the younger ones can “decorate” their pages.) Tape these to the string, hang it so everyone can see it, and recite it together at least once a day.

Can You Guess?

Play 20 questions to guess something that will help Mom or Dad.

Place a Bible inside a bag or box so kids can’t see it. Hold up the bag and invite kids to ask 20 questions (that can be answered with a yes or no) to see if they can guess what is in the bag.

Read 2 Timothy 3:16.

How does God’s Word help us? (It is good for rules to live by and teaching; It is good for correction and instruction; etc.)

Mom and Dad are very happy when you obey God’s Word, the Bible. God is also pleased when we read His Word and obey Him!