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The Bridge

Do a simple object lesson to help your kids understand reconciliation. Line up your children side by side facing you. As you share a list of sins, ask them to take one step back if they have ever done that. (For example: If you’ve ever told a lie, take a step back.)

If you’ve ever:

  • Disobeyed
  • Hated anyone
  • Been mean
  • Talked back and disrespected parent
  • Fought
  • Stolen
  • Loved something more than God
  • Talked unkindly about others
  • Got revenge
  • Coveted

By now, unless they are very young children who don’t want to admit they’ve sinned or don’t really understand about sin, your children should be far away from you.

Imagine there was NO way for us to be together. How would you feel?

Just as you are far from me, our sins separate us from God. God is holy and has no sin. When we choose to sin, we are going our own way – away from God. Our sin makes us enemies of God.

Lay a long piece of wood, a sheet, or bath towels to connect the space between you and your children. But God loves us and made a way for us to be close. When Jesus died on the cross, He made a way for us to be friends with God. Jesus is the bridge to bring us close to God.

Invite the children to walk across the “bridge” and give them a big hug.

Say a prayer of thanks for Jesus bringing us close to God.

I Promise!

Make a promise to your children. On a piece of paper, write a simple statement and both of you agree on your participation. I will __ if you ____.


Do people always keep their promises?

People may not always keep their promises, but we can be sure that God will keep His word. God promised Adam and Eve that He would send Someone to take away the sin of the world. Who was that Someone? That’s right. That Someone was Jesus. God made a promise, and He kept it. Jesus’ death on the cross made the way for us to have a relationship with God. We should be thankful for His sacrifice and trust Him to forgive us of all our sin.

The Price is TOO High!

Announce a fun event (movie night, ice cream run, etc.) and then announce that anyone who wants to participate must bring a certain amount of money (an amount bigger than they could pay). Talk about how the price has to be paid when they express disappointment. Finally, pull out your wallet and pay the amount that is needed for each one.

Sometimes we use everyday situations to help us understand bigger ideas.

God said a price had to be paid for sin, and there was no way we could pay for our own sin. There was only One who could pay the high price. Jesus, who had no sin, was the only One who could pay the high price for the sins of the world.

Because Jesus loves us so much, He came to earth to give His blood to pay the price for our sin. What an amazing sacrifice He made for us!