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Help from the Holy Spirit

Read the following passages and ask your children what the Holy Spirit does for us or gives us after each Scripture.

  • John 14:26 Teaches us
  • John 16:7-8 Convicts us
  • John 16:13-15 Shows us truth
  • 1 Corinthians 3:16 Dwells in us
  • Acts 1:8 Empowers us
  • Romans 8:26-27 Intercedes on our behalf

When we become Christians, God sends His Spirit to live in us. The Holy Spirit is our Helper. He comforts, corrects, guides, teaches, and empowers us. The Holy Spirit is God’s special gift to us.

Tweet, Tweet!

Items needed: egg carton, birdseed, twine—four pieces about 24 inches long

Make a bird feeder. Cut off the top of an egg carton. Punch a hole in each corner of the bottom part. Thread a piece of twine through each hole, gather at the top, and knot them together. Let the children decorate it, if they like. Add birdseed, hang near a window or tree, and watch the birds.

Read Luke 12:22-24.

If God takes such good care of the birds, we can trust Him to take care of us too. What are some ways God takes care of us? (Allow your children to share some ways God cares for us. You might want to share some as well.) Ask your children if they know who the Holy Spirit is, and explain that the Holy Spirit lives in all those who know Christ as Savior. Remind your children that the Holy Spirit is our Guide, and encourage them to trust Him. Pray together as a family, thanking God for the Holy Spirit and asking God to help each of you trust His leading.

We All Need Help!

Do a simple experiment to show change.

Items needed: White carnations (one per child), a glass half-filled with water for each carnation, food coloring (red, blue, and green), and a knife (You’ll need an adult for this.)


  1. Fill each glass about half way full with water.
  2. Add food coloring to each glass, about 10-20 drops to make a vibrant color. (More is better!)
  3. Cut the stem of each flower at an angle and place it in the glass.
  4. Check the carnations every few hours to see if anything is happening. (You might see some results in as little as two or three hours, but it may take up to a day to see full results.)

*This also works with celery, if flowers are not available.

What made the change in the color of the flower? (the food coloring we put into the water)

Something was added to the water to make the change.

How can we change? In order for us to change and do the right things, we need God’s help. When the Holy Spirit comes to live inside us, He will begin to help us change to be more like Christ. It’s a slow process, but as we obey Him, trust Him, and follow His words in the Bible, we will be different. The Holy Spirit is our Helper.