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Power To Go

Run a relay to introduce the idea of Paul and Barnabas being sent out to share the Gospel. Send everybody to gather three items they would bring if they were going on a trip. Put these on a table. Place an opened suitcase on the floor on the other side of the room. Line the children up and time them to see how quickly they can pick up an item, run and place it in the suitcase, run back to tag the next one in line who will do the same thing. (Everyone should go to the back of the line at the end of their turn so they can continue running.) Continue until all items are in the suitcase. Run it a second time to see if they can get ready faster.

God had a great adventure planned for Paul and Barnabas. It was God’s will that the people in many different cities learn about Jesus, and Paul and Barnabas were willing to tell them.

Keep Going

Paul and Barnabas traveled by boat to many of the cities they visited.

If you have younger children, make an outline of a boat (with masking tape on the floor or arrange chairs in the shape). Choose one person to be Paul. Then have Paul choose his traveling companion (Barnabas) to join him in the boat. Stop the boat, tie it up, and “visit” the different cities telling the people about Jesus.

God loves all people and wants EVERYONE to hear the Good News! God was leading Paul and Barnabas on a great adventure.

Pass It On

Students are learning Mark 16:15, which shares the mission from Jesus to His followers. Read the verse together.

What did Jesus tell His disciples to do? (Preach the Gospel to everyone all over the world.)

Review the verse with a game. Gather everyone in a circle and pass around a small ball or stuffed animal. To begin, give the ball to one person and ask him to say the first word in the Bible verse. He will pass it to the person on his right who will say the next word. (You might need to write the verse on a piece of construction paper for them to refer to as they say it.) Continue passing the ball and saying the verse. The one who says the last word gets to pick who starts the verse the next time.

Say the verse together as a prayer for people you know who do not know Jesus.