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Shadow of the Real Thing

Items Needed: Chalk in several colors; sidewalk or driveway; early morning or late afternoon sun

Make shadow drawings with your kids. Head outside to a sunny smooth spot. Help your kids find their shadow. (Move arms and legs to see the shadow shape change.) As each one settles on a “pose,” trace it with chalk.

Your shadow is like you—a picture of your size and shape. The tabernacle (built by Moses) was a shadow of the real tabernacle in Heaven.

Read Hebrews 9:11-12.

What did Jesus do? (With His death, He entered the tabernacle in Heaven and redeemed us with His own blood.)

Why did Jesus do all this for us? (Because He loves us)

What should we say to Someone who has done so much for us? (Thank You)

Say a prayer of thanks to Jesus who gave up His life so we can be saved and ask Him to help you seek His presence by spending time with Him daily.

Old or New?

Ask the family at dinner:

Which is better—something old or something new? Why?

Some old things are valuable (i.e.: stuffed bear; blanket; favorite book or toy; t-shirt; etc.) because they have special meaning. But some old things are not as good as new ones.

What are some examples? (new toy to replace a broken one; new clothes to replace those outgrown; new car to replace one that won’t run; etc.).

In the Old Testament, our holy God made a way for sinful people to come near to Him. He instructed His people to bring an animal sacrifice to the priest who would offer it for the sins of the people. The priests offered sacrifices year after year.

But a new and better system was started when Jesus died. We can be close to God because of what Jesus did, not because of something we do. We no longer bring sacrifices to a tabernacle. We are made right with God because of what Jesus did.

Loving with All We Have

Read and then review the Bible verse (Mark 12:30-31) students are learning.

What does this verse tell us to do? (Love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, strength; Love our neighbor as ourself)

God loves us and wants to have a friendship with us. As we learn more about Him from the Bible, we will want to spend time with Him and love Him more. As our love for Him grows, we will want to obey His instructions and love others.

Write the verse on a piece of poster board (or any size paper will work) and post it so all can see it. Gather everyone in a circle and toss a bean bag (or small stuffed animal) to someone who will say the first word of the verse. He or she will toss it to someone else who will say the next word. Continue tossing and saying the words until the whole verse (and reference) has been said. Say the verse together to end the activity.