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Who Can Cure It?

Brainstorm situations with your children about needs and cures. Some scenarios are listed below to get you thinking:

You are very sick and need special medicine. Who do you need…a doctor or an artist?

You are ready to go to school, but the car will not start. Who do you need…a mechanic or an airplane pilot?

You hear a loud gush and water is pouring out from under the kitchen sink. Who do you need…a plumber or a librarian?

You see a serious accident and emergency help is needed. Who do you need to call…911 or a clown?

Your animal is very sick. Who do you need…a veterinarian or a hair stylist?

For all these things to be fixed, you need to go to the person or source that can fix it. You shouldn’t go to a veterinarian if you have the flu; you should go to a doctor. An artist is not needed to paint a picture of what is wrong; the doctor gives you a check-up to find out the answer.

Who do you need when you sin? Jesus! Only Jesus can fix our sin problem.

God’s Gift

Items Needed:

Small gift, 1- or 5-dollar bill

Wrap a small gift or use a dollar bill (if your children are older, a five-dollar bill might be better). Tell your child that you have a gift for them and hold it out.

After he or she takes it, ask:

What did you have to do to get your gift? (I had to take/receive it.)

What would have happened if you didn’t take the gift? (The gift would NOT be mine.)

God has a wonderful gift for you. Romans 6:23 says that the “gift of God is eternal life through Jesus.” God made a wonderful place called Heaven and He wants you to live with Him forever. But there is one problem—sin.

Ask: Have you ever sinned? The Bible says that “all have sinned” (Romans 3:23). But

God made a way for you to have your sin taken away. He sent Jesus to take the punishment for our sin. We must make the choice to accept Jesus and His forgiveness. God is the only one who can change your heart. He is the cure for sin.

This might be a good time to talk with your child about accepting God’s wonderful gift. You can say a simple prayer with your child: Dear Jesus, I believe You died on the cross for my sin and came alive again. Please come into my life and take away my sin. Thank you.

Good News

Items Needed:

Balloons, small balls, or stuffed animals

Review John 14:6 with your children. Pair up family members and give each pair a balloon to blow up and tie. Bat the balloon back and forth with each person saying the next word of the verse as he or she touches it. (Optional: Toss a small ball or stuffed animal back and forth if you don’t have any balloons.)

The good news is that Jesus is our cure for sin and the only way to Heaven. His death on the cross brought our forgiveness, and because of His forgiveness, we receive the gift of eternal life What a wonderful gift!