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No Expiration Date!

Send the children to the pantry or refrigerator to find the expiration dates on several foods.

Why is the item stamped with a date? What does it mean that something expires? (It is no longer suitable to eat.) God’s name, words, reign, and love will never end.

God is eternal! His goodness will never expire! He blesses us with many gifts, and we should praise Him for His goodness to us!

Praise Him, Praise Him

Items Needed:

  • Easter eggs or small containers with lids
  • Rice, beans, popcorn kernels, etc.

Make instruments to use in praise to God. Grab some leftover plastic Easter eggs or small containers with lids.

Carefully fill the eggs or containers about half full with uncooked rice, beans, popcorn kernels or whatever you have on hand. Close the egg or container well. If using eggs, place tape around the area where the egg fits together to make it more secure.

Crank up the praise music and invite the kids to sing/play along with their instruments—hopefully, it’s a joyful noise!

We must praise the Lord for His unending goodness toward us!

God Gives Good Gifts

After dinner, invite family members to leave the table, choose one thing they are glad God has given them and hide it (while the others aren’t looking). Take turns looking for each person’s item as they give you clues telling if you are “hot” or “cold.”

Take turns allowing each family member to say thank you to God for the item that they chose to hide.

God is good and gives us what we need! We can praise God in all situations. His goodness is something to be thankful for!