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Light of the World

Item needed: Flashlight

Turn out all the lights in the house. Close the curtains if you have bright streetlights. Give each child a task to do with no lights on. (Go to your bedroom and bring back a pillow; Go to the kitchen and bring back a snack; Brush your teeth; etc.) Then instruct them to do the same task with a flashlight. (It might be enough for young children to just turn out the lights and sit in the dark.)

Talk about it:

How did you feel walking around in the dark? (afraid, unsure, etc.)

Why do you think the Bible compares walking in darkness to being in sin? (In the dark, we can’t see where to go; When we live in sin, we don’t know the way to Heaven or the way to live; etc.)

How did the flashlight help you? (It helped us see the way to walk; It showed us where to go; etc.)

With a bright light, we don’t stumble around to find the way. Jesus is our bright light.

Why would Jesus call Himself the “light of the world”? (He shows us the way to Heaven; He guides us in the right way to live; He chases away the “darkness” of sin; etc.)

Jesus came to the world to bring light, to show us the way to live and how to go to Heaven.

The Way

Items needed:

  • Index cards or pieces of copy or construction paper
  • Pens
  • Tape
  • Flashlight
  • Bible

Review John 8:12, the Bible verse students using D6 Curriculum are learning. Invite the children to write each word of the verse on an index card or piece of paper. Tape the cards up or prop them up in the incorrect order around the room. Turn out the lights and use the flashlight to find the words in the verse in the correct order. Say the verse together.

If we follow Jesus, we will know the way to live and the way to Heaven.

Keep Jumping!

Item Needed:

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Bible

Read John 8:12, the verse students using D6 Curriculum are learning, together as a family. Invite the children to go outside and draw a Tic-Tac-Toe grid on the sidewalk or driveway. Then assign children different words to write in the different squares. (They will need to write more than one word in each grid to complete the entire verse. Also, don’t write the words in succession, but scramble them so children will have to jump from one word to the next. If you have younger children, you might want to shorten the verse and jump with them.)

Take turns jumping the verse. The “jumper” should start on the first word(s) of the verse, jump to the next word(s), and continue jumping until he has completed the verse. (Onlookers can say the words as the “jumper” jumps on them.)

What does this verse tell us? (Jesus told the people He is the light of the world; Followers of Jesus will not walk in darkness; Followers of Jesus will have the light of life; etc.)

As we study the Bible, we will learn more about Jesus and how to live like Him. He will make our faith stronger and help us trust Him in all situations.