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Look It Up!

Items Needed: Bibles

Let the children find all the Bibles in the house and bring them to the table.

Show them how to look in the front of the Bible to find the index which tells the page number of the beginning of each book and how each book is divided into chapters and verses.

Let them look up (let the older children help the younger ones):
The longest chapter (Psalm 119)
The shortest chapter (Psalm 117)
The shortest verse (John 11:35)
The longest verse (Esther 8:9)
The verse containing all the letters of the alphabet except “J” (Ezra 7:21)
The verse that has the longest word in the Bible – “Mahershalalhashbaz” (Isaiah 18:1)
One of the best verses in the Bible (John 3:16)

Talk to your children about how the Bible is God’s Word, and every word is true. We can trust God and His Word without any doubts!

Sing Truth!

If God’s Word is true, get to know it! Help your children learn the books of the Bible. It’s probably easier to start with the New Testament first.

Here are a couple of good songs to learn the books of the Bible:

To learn and sing word for word Bible verses, go to:

Stand Firm and Serve

Items Needed:

  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Basket

Paul challenged Timothy to stand firm in his faith and serve Jesus every day.

Ask a volunteer to stand on one foot. Try to make him or her topple over. Then ask them to stand on both feet and be ready for you. It should be harder to knock them over.

After everyone has had a turn, ask each family member to write their name on a slip of paper and put it in the basket. Pass the basket around and instruct everyone to draw a name but keep the name they draw a secret. If anyone picks their own, they need to put it back and draw again. Explain that each person should secretly serve the person on the paper they drew from the basket for the entire day. You might want to share ideas to help your children know what to do.

Before bedtime, ask each person to guess who their secret server might be.

Remind them that Jesus gladly served others (John 13:17) and we should too.