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Follow Me!

Items Needed: materials for special treat, game, or activity of your choice

Walk through the house and say to each person, “Come with me” (not telling them where you are going or what you are going to do). If they follow you, take them out for a treat, play a fun game, or do an activity they will enjoy.


Are you glad you followed me? (Hopefully, they will say yes.)

Jesus called 12 men to be His disciples while He lived on earth. They followed Him, learned from Him, and loved Him. Do you think they were glad to be His disciples? YES! Jesus calls us to follow Him, learn from Him, and love Him. He wants us to trust His promises and grow our faith while teaching others about His grace too!

Stay the Course!

Items Needed: markers for start and finish of race

Run a race to introduce the idea of sticking with the truth. Make a starting point and a finish line. (Make the course long enough so kids can’t see the finish line.) Tell the children they are to follow YOU and YOUR instructions to reach the finish line. Ask a spouse or older sibling to try and distract the children from following your instructions (He or she could whisper messages such as, “You’re going the wrong way; Follow me and I will lead you a better way; You are never going to finish; I know an easier way; etc.).

After everyone has finished, ask:

Why was it important to follow me to the finish line? (I set the course; I knew the right way to go; etc.)

Was it harder to run the race with distracting messages being shouted at you? Why?

Why is it important to follow God’s message of truth in the Bible? (Because He knows the right way and will lead us if we follow what He has said.)

Just like you faced distractions running the race, Peter knew there were people trying to get believers to quit following the true gospel and believe false teachings. We must work hard to know the truth and fight the distractions of the enemy.

Gift of Grace

Items Needed: treats or small gifts for each child

To illustrate the concept of grace, give your children (together or individually) a small gift—maybe even when they are least deserving of it. Optional: Prepare a special treat and offer it to each one.

What did you have to do to get the gift? (Take it; receive it; etc.)

What were the two choices you could make concerning the gift? (Take it or refuse it)

Grace is God’s kindness to us even when we don’t deserve it. Peter wrote to the believers because he wanted them to have a life filled with grace. Grace is a key part of our salvation. Nothing we can do is enough to earn our way to Heaven. We do not deserve God’s grace, but He gave it to us anyway. We can praise God for His gift of grace!