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Items Needed: Outside toys, cleaning supplies, tools

Drag out the bikes and outside toys. Scrub off the dirt and repair anything that is broken.

Talk about it:

How did we restore the look of the toys? (Cleaned them up, repaired the broken toys, etc.)

What does it mean to restore something? (To repair or return it to its original condition)

Sometimes even relationships between people are broken and need to be restored.

When the Israelites chose to worship idols, how was the relationship between them and God? (Needing restoration, broken, etc.)

How was the relationship restored? (Repentance, asking for forgiveness, returning to their homeland to worship Him, etc.)

Why do we need to be restored to a friendship with God?

Ever since Adam and Eve chose their own way over God’s, sin has been present on the earth. Because of this, every person is born with a desire to sin. Our sin separates us from God. But Jesus came to the earth and died on the cross so we could have our sins forgiven. By believing in what Jesus did, our relationship with God can be restored.

Scripture Hunt

Items Needed: Marker, index cards, Bible

Write phrases from Psalm 34:4 on the index cards and hide them around the room. Send your children on a hunt for the cards and instruct them to put the phrases in the correct order.

Explain that the word sought is the past tense of seek. Just like they sought or looked for the index cards, we must also seek the Lord. We can seek the Lord through prayer and Bible reading.

Work on learning the verse together as a family.

Do You Have Joy?

Talk with your children about the things or activities that make them happy and give them joy. Explain to them that God is the source of true joy.

Break the word down for your children.

J-Put Jesus first.

O-Love others.

YYield to God’s way.

Ask your children:

How can you put Jesus first?

What are some specific examples of loving others?

In what areas do you need to yield to God’s way?

Life is about putting God and His way first. Following God is the only way to have true joy!

Close your time together in prayer.