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Wants and Needs

Items Needed: Variety of items (children’s choice)

Send your children to gather 5 of their belongings. You can gather some of yours too. When everyone has brought their belongings back, show one item at a time and ask everyone to decide if the item is a want or a need.

Discuss with your children how God provides for our needs, and He cares about our wants too. Just as God took care of Nehemiah and his helpers when they rebuilt the city wall, He takes care of us, providing all we need.

Working Together

Items Needed: age-appropriate puzzle (preferably a foam puzzle)

Choose a volunteer to put the puzzle together, but as they get started, tell them they must wear a blindfold. Allow another family member to guide them in putting the puzzle together. After a few minutes, remove the blindfold and allow them to work together to complete the puzzle.

Discuss teamwork with your children, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and working together to complete a goal.

Remind your children that Nehemiah and the Israelites worked together to protect each other and rebuild the wall around their city.

Pray First!

Instruct your children that you are going to share a variety of situations. After each phrase, everyone should shout together, “Pray first!”


Feeling homesick at church camp

Fighting with a good friend over a silly misunderstanding

Dad lost his job

Loved one is sick and in the hospital

Afraid after a bad dream

Prayer is a simple conversation with God, and it should be the very first thing we do in every situation. We can pray when we need help. Prayer strengthens our faith and our relationship with God. God hears our prayers and answers our prayers with His very best for us. Nehemiah turned to God in prayer in every situation he faced. We can follow his example!