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It’s Time to Celebrate Father’s Day!

Plan your Father’s Day celebration.

Think of Dad’s favorite things (snacks, soda, magazine, game, book, restaurant gift card, etc.) and buy several small items to give him. Before bed on Saturday night, hide the items and send Dad on a hunt for them on Father’s Day, with the children giving him hot/cold clues. Consider giving a gift to a special grandfather, uncle, or another father figure if there is no dad in the home.

To Do and Not To Do

Nehemiah had to deal with some bullies who did not want the city wall to be rebuilt. They tried to stop Nehemiah several times, but Nehemiah turned to God in prayer and trusted God’s plan.

What are some things you can do if you are dealing with a difficult person? (Speak to the person, stand up to them, ask an adult for help, pray for them, avoid the person, ask friends to stand with you, etc.)

What are some things you shouldn’t do if you are dealing with a difficult person? (Try to get revenge, hate the person, become a bully, try to hurt the other person, etc.)

It is impossible to love difficult people without God’s help. We must first ask God to help us have the right attitude. We must ask for wisdom to know what to do. We must not try to get revenge or hurt them back. We might need to avoid them as much as possible. It is not always possible to get along with everyone, but God is always with us and wants to help us.

Keep on Trusting!

Items Needed: clear bowl, water, pepper, dishwashing liquid

To illustrate the concept of opposition, pour water into the bowl. Sprinkle pepper on top of the water then add a drop of dishwashing liquid. Give your children the opportunity to observe and think about the experiment.


What happened when the dishwashing liquid was added to the water? (The pepper moved away from the soap.)

The soap and pepper were in opposition of each other just like Nehemiah had people who opposed his work in rebuilding the city wall. Nehemiah chose to talk to God, focus on Him, and trust His plan.

There will always be things or people that get in the way of our goals. We must follow Nehemiah’s example and continue to trust God and His way.