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Beauty of Jesus’ Holiness

Items Needed: Rocks, diamond ring or piece of jewelry

Ask everyone to go outside and bring back one rock. Lay them on the table. Then place a diamond ring or beautiful piece of jewelry on the table.

Ask: Which item seems different than the rest? Yes, this diamond/piece of jewelry is very valuable. It is in a different classification than the rocks we find in our yard. It is separate from these rocks. It is beautiful and valuable. This reminds me of one of Jesus’ characteristics—His holiness.

What does it mean to be holy? (To be without sin; to be perfect; etc.)

Jesus is holy and very different from us. He is without sin, but we have sin. We make wrong choices, but Jesus never sinned. Because He is holy and has no evil in Him, we can trust Him to help us live for Him and make right choices.

Worship Our Holy God

Item Needed: Device to play music, hymnal, Bible

Option 1: Ask one of the older children to pick his or her favorite worship song and lead the others in singing it at the dinner table or play it while everyone listens.

Option 2: Find a hymnal and teach the family an old hymn you loved as a child. Sing it every night this week as the blessing for the meal and as worship to God.

Read a description of worship in Heaven from Revelation 4:8–11. God is holy and deserves our best worship! There is no one like Him!

Describe Jesus

Item Needed: Bible

As we continue to learn how to live like Jesus, ask your children to describe Jesus.

This will help you understand their thinking.

The best way to learn about Jesus is through the Bible, God’s words to us. Read some verses about Jesus’ holiness or let the children help you look up and read these verses: 2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 4:15, and Hebrews 7:26.