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What’s Missing?

Items Needed: Bag or pillowcase, items listed below

Gather the following items and put them in a bag or pillowcase. (A plastic bag is fine if you can’t see through it.)

Tissue (no more tears)
Flashlight (no more night/darkness)
Medicine or pain reliever (no more pain or sickness)
Fake flower (death)

It is good to think about Heaven and all believers will experience there. One of the best things about Heaven is what will NOT be there. Inside this bag are four items which represent four things that will NOT be in Heaven (Revelation 21:4, 23).

Take turns letting the children touch each item in the bag and try to guess what it is and what it represents. As you pull each one item, talk about how wonderful it will be NOT to have these in Heaven.

Heaven is a wonderful place where there will be no crying, no darkness, no pain or sickness, and no more death!

Better Than I Can Imagine

Item Needed: Bible

While driving in the car, play “I’m thinking of something in Heaven.” Give clues and allow your children to guess. (For example: Mansion—it’s big; it has lots of rooms; God promised to make one for each of us; etc.) Take turns letting others think of something in Heaven for everyone to guess. THEN do the flip side—“I’m thinking of something NOT in Heaven (no sickness, no sin, no tears, no death, no sadness, no devil, no night, etc.).

Optional Activity: Let the children draw a picture of what they think Heaven will be like. Read Revelation 21:10—22:5 to find out what will and won’t be there.

Someday, all who believe in Jesus will be together in Heaven. Heaven is the most wonderful place you can imagine! God will be there, and He is preparing something too wonderful to describe—a beautiful mansion, a tree of life, a crystal river, a street of gold, and a special dinner. Say a prayer to thank God for His promise of Heaven.

A Prepared Place

Item Needed: Bible

Invite some guests over for dinner and let the family help prepare for their arrival. Make a list of things to do (clean the family room; set the table; pick some flowers for the table; make a special dessert; pick a game for all to play; greet the guests; etc.)

After an evening of fun, discuss another preparation.

Read John 14:1–3. What did Jesus say He was going to do? He is preparing a place for us. We don’t know exactly what Heaven will be like, but it will be wonderful. Jesus loves us and wants to live forever with us in this prepared place. All who believe in Jesus will enjoy Heaven with Him.