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What’s The Word?

Item Needed: Bible

Read John 1:1, the Verse of the Month, together. Choose different actions to do when you say Word. Practice the verse together several times emphasizing Word with a variety of actions.

What was in the beginning? (the Word)
Who was with God in the beginning? (the Word)
What does this verse say about God and the Word? (the Word was God)
Who do you think the Word is? (Jesus)

Jesus is God, and He is God’s Son too. Sometimes what we learn in the Bible can be hard for our brains to understand, but everything the Bible teaches is true. Pray as a family, thanking God for His Word and His Son, and asking Him to help each of you understand His words in the Bible.

Guess Who?

Item Needed: Index cards, writing utensils

Give each family member an index card or piece of paper to write three clues about themselves without letting the others see what they have written. Let the older ones help the younger ones who can’t write. (Some ideas for clues: I have brown eyes. I like to play soccer. I am wearing a green shirt.)

Collect the cards, read each one aloud, and try to guess the identity of the person from the clues.

We guessed each person’s identity by learning certain things about them. Jesus said there was a way to identify His disciples. A disciple of Jesus is someone who follows Jesus and tries to live like Him. So, how can we recognize Jesus’ disciples? We can recognize His disciples by their love for each other (John 13:35).

Loving others shows we are Jesus’ disciples.

Optional idea: Make badges that say “LOVE” and give them to family members when they show love to others.

Don’t Keep It to Yourself!

Item Needed: Special treat

Unwrap a treat (candy bar, cookie, whatever would appeal to your children) and start eating it in front of your children (preferably when they are hungry). When they start begging/whining/grabbing for your treat, gladly pull out more and share with everyone.

As you are enjoying the treat, talk about it:

Why did you want a treat? (We saw you eating it; we were hungry; etc.)

What was my attitude about sharing the treat? (You were willing; you were glad to share; etc.)

How could this relate to us having and sharing the good news about God? (We know about God and should tell others who don’t know; we should be happy to share the good news with others; etc.)

God wants every generation to know Him and what He has done. If we are disciples of Jesus, we should spend time with Him, learn more about Him, and tell others about Him. Don’t keep it to yourself!