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What Changed?

Divide your family into pairs and spend a minute looking carefully at one another. Then have one of the partners turn their back while the other makes a change. (It can be as simple as putting a strand of hair behind the ear or rolling up a sleeve.) When they turn around, see if their partner can tell what has been changed. Pick new partners and play a few more rounds.

Discuss if it was hard or easy to see the changes. Remind your children that Jesus changes us through His forgiveness and salvation. Our lives should reflect Him and His love for everyone. We should also tell others about how Jesus changed us.

Could someone tell you are a follower of Christ by your behavior?

Watch the Change

Items Needed: White carnations or celery stalk (one per child); glass half-filled with water for each carnation or stalk; food coloring (red, blue, or green); scissors


  1. Fill each glass about halfway with water.
  2. Add 10–20 drops of food coloring to each glass. (More is brighter and better!)
  3. Cut each stem at an angle and place it in the glass.
  4. Check the carnations or stalks every few hours to see if anything is happening. (You might see some results in as little as two or three hours, but it may take up to a day to see full results.)

What made the change in the color? (The food coloring in the water)

Something was added to the water to make a change. Do you know what we should add to our lives to change? For us to change from wrong things and do the right things, we need God’s help. When we tell God we are sorry for our sin and ask Him to forgive us, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside us, He will begin to change us. It’s a slow process, but as we obey Him and His words in the Bible, we will become more like Jesus.


One night this week, talk about the changes in the foods and drinks at dinner. Discuss what happens when food changes (frozen to heated, raw to cooked, hard to soft, etc.). For example, noodles are hard, but when boiled, they become soft and yummy! (Other examples: water to ice, Kool-Aid to popsicles, steamed vegetables, etc.)

Remind your children that Jesus changes us and helps us make right choices. We will still look the same on the outside, but Jesus changes us on the inside. We become more loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, gentle, humble, self-controlled, etc.

Pray together thanking God for His Son and the help He gives us and ask Him to help each of you become more like Him every day.