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Splink | God Is the Creator

October 15, 2023

Praise Him!

Items Needed: Bible, device to play music, construction or copy paper, scissors, markers, stickers, yarn, tape, etc.

Read Genesis 1:1, the verse of the month your children are learning at church. Encourage everyone to think of things God has created and make a praise banner to thank Him.

Cut the construction paper into pennant shapes or just leave them as whole pieces. Ask each one to draw a picture of something they are glad God created and write thank you beside it. Tape the pictures to the yarn and hang it up for all to see! Play some praise music while you are creating your banner.


Items Needed: Bible, jackets, blanket, device with internet access, flashlight

Grab jackets and take a blanket outside to look at the stars.

On a clear, moonless night, a thousand or more stars are visible. Five of our solar system’s eight planets, a few star clusters, a spiral galaxy, and the occasional comet are visible, too. (Depending on the age level of your children, research stargazing for more tips.)

With the introduction of telescopes, many unknown stars were discovered. Galileo, using his homemade telescope, saw ten times as many stars, up to 30,000!

Today, the Milky Way galaxy, which our sun is a part of, has been found to contain 200,000 million stars. If somebody could count three stars per second, after 100 years, he would have counted less than five percent of this number! Nobody knows the actual number of stars in the observable universe.

(Go to for more amazing star facts.)


Who made the stars? (God/Jesus–Genesis 1:16)

Flip on the flashlight and read Colossians 1:15–17.

How should we treat Someone who is so wise and powerful? (We should admire, respect, worship, be in awe of, etc.)

Jesus created the stars and deserves our worship. There is no one like Him.

Say a prayer of praise to God for His creations and power.

Build It!

Items Needed: Lego® bricks

After dinner one night, spend time building with Lego® bricks. After the creations are complete, allow each person to share what they built. Ask them if they could have made those same things only using their words. Let them try it just for fun.

Discuss how only God can create something from nothing, and only He can create with His words alone. God planned and created the world and everything in it. He is the powerful Creator.