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Be Creative!

Items Needed: Bible, paper, colored pencils, playdough, blocks, Lego® bricks, etc.

Let each person in the family create something—draw a picture, make play-dough animals, build something with blocks or Lego® bricks, etc.

When the “creations” are complete, let each person share and explain what they created. Praise each child for something specific about their handiwork.

Read Genesis 1:1, the verse of the month your children are learning at church, and discuss how God is the Creator of everything.

God created the world out of nothing using His power and His words! He made an amazing world for us to enjoy. He deserves our praise! Let each person think of one thing they are glad God made and say it aloud as praise to God.

Name That Superhero!

During dinner, ask your children:

If you were a superhero, what would your name be?

How would you use your superpowers to help others?

Superheroes and superpowers are just pretend—make-believe stories. But God is real, and He has unlimited power. He can do miracles.

A miracle is a work of Jesus that defies the normal laws of nature. It is something extraordinary that only He can do.

What miracles did Jesus do when He was on earth? (He fed 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish; He walked on water; He healed people from sickness; etc.)

What are some miracles Jesus does for us? (He answers our prayers; He forgives our sin; He provides what we need; He gives us eternal life; etc.)

Nothing compares to the power of Jesus!

Can You Make a Miracle?

Items Needed: Paper and writing utensil

Write out each of the following “assignments” on a piece of paper and give one to each child.

Make it rain.
Create snow.
Make a sick person well.
Make a flower bloom.
Create a sun.

After they have read their assignment and expressed their inability, talk about miracles.

Why couldn’t you do the task you were assigned? (It’s too hard; it’s impossible; etc.)

It would require a miracle to complete these assignments. Do you know what a miracle is? A miracle is a work of Jesus that defies the normal laws of nature. It is something powerful only He can do.

We could draw rain on a piece of paper, but we cannot make it rain; only Jesus can. We can help a sick person by sending a “get well” card or taking them some food, but we cannot heal them; only Jesus can. Jesus helps us do hard things, but a miracle is something only He can do.