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I Spy

Items Needed: Bible, paper, writing utensil (Optional: phone or camera)

Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Make a list of items the children will need to find (rock bigger than your hand, three kinds of leaves, two insects, flower, worm, piece of bark, blade of grass two inches long, feather, weed, mushroom, shell, etc.).

Optional: Make a list of items and ask children to take a digital picture of it to show—include clouds, stream of water, tree, etc.

Ask your children how these things came to be. Read Genesis 1:1, the verse of the month your children are learning at church. Emphasize to them how God planned and created everything that exists. He is a wise and powerful creator!

Celebrate God’s Power!

Items Needed: Party horns/blowers, special foods, etc.

Talk to your children about some of the great things they can do. (Draw a sunset, hit a home run, play a musical instrument, etc.) Remind them that God gives us those abilities—the power to accomplish those tasks. No matter what we accomplish, Jesus is greater and more powerful.

Ask your children what powerful things Jesus did when He was on earth. Be sure to discuss His power to raise people from the dead. God gave Jesus His power, and Jesus had power over death because of this. He not only raised people from the dead, but He also defeated death when He rose again after His crucifixion and burial.

Celebrate Jesus’ power with the horns and special foods. Pray and thank God for His Son Jesus and the power He has over death. Ask God to help each one of you live a godly life for Him.


Item Needed: Device with internet access

Show your children a couple commercials on YouTube. (Preview these ahead of time to monitor the ads.) After watching the commercials together, ask:

What does the ad tell you about that product? (It looks fun; it tells you where it’s located; it tells you how much it costs; etc.)

In a way, Jesus was a walking, talking, breathing commercial of God. Jesus’ power comes from God, His Father. God is invisible, but Jesus lived on earth as a man. His life helps us know what His Father is like.

If there was a commercial for Jesus’ power over death, what powerful acts would the commercial show Jesus doing? (Raising Lazarus, the widow’s son, and Jairus’ daughter from the dead; Jesus’ resurrection; etc.)

Pray together thanking Jesus for His power over death and His gift of eternal life for us.