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Sign It!

Items Needed: Paper, writing utensil

Think of something you would like to do for your child and write it down on a piece of paper. (I promise to take you to the park on Saturday; I promise to buy you an ice cream cone; I promise to make a special dessert for dinner; etc.) Write “Covenant between _____ and _____” at the top of the paper.

Explain to your children that you are going to make a covenant with each of them. Tell them a covenant is an agreement or a promise between two people. It’s kind of like a contract. Both of you need to sign your names on the covenant.

When you keep your promise, talk about it. (Even if something comes up and you can’t do it exactly when promised, try to do it later. Or it can be an object lesson that people sometimes make promises they fail to keep. A sad lesson for all of us to learn.)

What covenant did God make with Abraham? God promised Abraham the whole world would be blessed through him, and his descendants would be as many as the stars in the sky. Even though Abraham waited 25 years for his son to be born, he trusted God.

God always keeps His promises, and we can trust him.

Trust What?

Sit on the kitchen table and say:

I think this table will take us to the store. Hop on. Do you believe that? Why not?
It would be silly to believe this table would take us to the store.

Go outside to the car and say:
I think this car will take us to the store. Do you? Why? (It runs well; it has taken us lots of places before; it has proven itself reliable; etc.)

Hop in the car and take a trip to the store—buy a treat or what is needed while you’re there.

Say something like this:
Where we place our trust is important. It is not enough to just believe. We must place our trust in a reliable source. Some people trust in things—like the kitchen table—or false gods that cannot love them, take care of them, or forgive their sins.

How do we know that God is worthy of our trust? (He told us about Himself in the Bible; He sent Jesus to earth to show us what He is like; millions of people over hundreds of years have put their trust in Him and we have their word that He is reliable; etc.)

Just as Abraham trusted God and His promises, we can trust in the one true God too.

Choose One!

Items Needed: Paper, writing utensil

Write each promise on a slip of paper.

Isaiah 41:10—I will be with you and help you.
1 John 1:9—I will forgive your sin when you confess.
Jeremiah 33:3—I will answer and show you great and mighty things.
John 14:3—I will prepare a place for you and bring you to be with Me.

Hide the slips of paper around the house and invite the children to search for them. When all the promises are found, read them aloud and allow the children to choose one they like for themselves.

God made a promise to Abraham, and Abraham trusted God to keep His promise. God promised to give Abraham and Sarah a baby. Even though they had to wait a long time (25 years), God kept His promise. He is trustworthy! God keeps His promises to us!