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Choose Wisely

Brainstorm situations where children need to make a choice (lost lunch money; need to do book report but friend wants you to go to ballgame; friends want you to watch a movie your parents have prohibited; teacher leaves the room and tells class to finish assignment; you get $25 for your birthday; you have three hours of free time; etc.).

After reading each situation, ask: What is the wise choice?

Life is full of choices, and every choice has a consequence—sometimes positive, sometimes negative. Abraham chose to give Lot the good land because he trusted God would take care of him and his family. Practice making wise choices this week!


At dinner, ask your children to share the important tasks they do every day (brush teeth, shower, homework, eat, sleep, etc.). After they share, encourage them to make God their number one priority. Then ask them: If God is your first priority, what other important tasks would you do every day? (pray, read Bible, tell others about Jesus, etc.)

Abraham made God His most important priority, and he trusted God to take care of him and help him make wise choices. Some choices are easy, and others are really hard. Ask God to help each of you make Him your most important priority.

Which One?

Items Needed: Bible

Tell your children you are going to give them two choices, and they are to shout out their favorite.

Suggested Examples:
Froot Loops or Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Ice cream or yogurt
Red or blue
Book or movie
Beach or mountains
Apples or bananas
Dogs or cats

Life is full of choices. Some choices are easy and other choices are really hard. But choices are always a part of life, and we make choices every day. Abraham trusted God to help him make wise choices. We can learn to make wise choices too! What choice do you need to make today?

Read Proverbs 3:5–6 together and close your time in prayer asking God to help you choose wisely.