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Can You Do Hard Things?

Let children try each one to see if it is easy or hard.

Rub your belly and pat your head.
Touch your nose with your tongue.
Kiss your elbow.
Make a human tripod (balance your body with only your head and two hands on the floor—the first step in doing a handstand).
Forgive someone who hurt you.

What is hard about forgiveness? What is easy? Do you think it would have been hard for Joseph to forgive His brothers?

Even when things are hard, because of the sin in the world, we can know God will work things for good. Even though Joseph had to do something very hard and forgive his brothers, God provided for Joseph’s entire family and kept them and an entire nation from starving. Remembering God is in control can help us do what is right even though it is hard.


As you are putting your children to bed, ask:

Are you going through a difficult situation?

Are you having a hard time doing the right thing?

Do you need God’s help?

Share with your children about a hard time you had (a temptation that God helped you overcome; a trial where you felt distant from God; a time of need when you wondered if God was going to help you; etc.). Share with them what helped you get through it.

Pray for your child and then give him or her a big hug!

What’s Your Favorite?

Ask your children to share their favorite in each category:

Ice cream

When everyone has shared, discuss the story of Joseph. Joseph was his father’s favorite, and that led his brothers to hate him because of their jealousy. Can you name some of the hard times Joseph faced? (his mother died, put in a pit and sold into slavery by brothers, falsely accused and sent to jail, etc.) Can you name some of the ways God took care of Joseph? (appointed him to work for Potiphar, placed him in authority over Egypt, released him from jail, helped him forgive his brothers, reunited his family, etc.) Joseph remembered God was in control, and Joseph trusted God in each situation. We can trust God is control too!