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Don’t Forget!

Items Needed: Post-it notes or slips of paper and tape, marker

Review Psalm 139:14 with your children.

Write the words from Psalm 139:14 on Post-it notes. (You might want to review only a part of the verse depending on the ages of your children.) While your children aren’t looking, hide the Post-it notes all around the house (or one room—adapt to fit your family). At the signal to go, the children must find all the Post-it notes, put them in the correct order, and then say the verse together. For younger children, they can gather the notes and you can work together to put them in order and say the verse.

For extra practice, take away some of the Post-it notes to see if they can say the verse from memory.

God created every person. He loves us and values us—He thinks we are important, special, and priceless.

Still Valuable

Item needed: Twenty-dollar bill

Ask your children: Who wants this $20? Would you still want it if I folded it up smaller? (Fold the bill.) Would you still want it if I wadded it up? (Wad up the bill.) Would you still want it if I stepped on it? (Throw the money on the ground and step on it.) Why would you still want it? (Because it’s still valuable.) This $20 is valuable no matter what we do to it. Our lives are just like this. We are valuable to God no matter what we look like, where we live, or what we do.

We must remember that all people are valuable to God, and we should treat others with the love and kindness God shows us. God loves and values every person!

Unique You

Items needed: Stamp pad or markers, copy paper, and colored pencils

Make fingerprint creations!

Ask the children to make a picture by coloring their fingertip with the stamp pad or markers and then pressing it on the paper to make different animals or scenes (flowers, bees, caterpillars, etc.) Draw the details with markers or colored pencils to complete the picture.

Did you know that no two fingerprints are alike? Identical twins aren’t 100% identical—they have different fingerprints. Your fingerprints were formed before you were born—at 12 weeks! The natural oils in your skin leave fingerprints on almost everything you touch.

God made you unique! He values you—He thinks you are important, special, and have great worth. You are valuable because you were created by God. When the world and Satan, our enemy, try to make you doubt your worth, remember God loves you and you are important to Him!