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What Can You Do?

Items Needed: Paper, writing utensil, bowl, or basket

Write down a specific ability of each family member on the pieces of paper. Also include a couple things that only Jesus can do. Fold each paper and place them in a bowl or basket. Choose one at a time and read it aloud. Allow everyone to guess which person matches each ability.

Talk about how God gave each of us different talents and abilities. Emphasize that there are some things only God can do. Those are called miracles. Allow everyone to share examples of God’s healing from the Bible or from current experiences.

Miracle Grab Bag

Items Needed: Blanket and pillow, blindfold, medicine bottle with number 12, mask to cover mouth

Show your children each of the above items and see if they can think of the miracle of Jesus each one represents. (Blanket and pillow–lame man on the mat; Blindfold–Jesus healing the blind; Medicine bottle with number 12–woman sick for 12 years; Mask–Jesus healing demon-possessed man who couldn’t talk)

Briefly discuss each situation where Jesus healed. Talk about times He has healed those you know from hurts and sickness. Close your time in prayer thanking God for His healing power and love.

The Gospel Is for Everyone

Item Needed: Bible

Read Deuteronomy 10:17 together.

Ask your children:

What two names does this verse call the Lord? (God of gods and Lord of lords)
What are the three words used to describe Him in this verse? (Great, mighty, awesome)

This verse also tells us that the Lord doesn’t have favorites. We have lots of favorites–color, food, ice cream, pizza topping, etc. But God loves all of us equally and wants each of us to love and obey Him, so we can live with Him in Heaven one day. Say the verse together several times.