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Follow the Command

Give simple commands for your children to follow.

Hop on one foot at least 7 times without putting the other foot down.

Rub your belly while at the same time patting your head.

Touch something blue (add other colors: red, green, yellow, etc.)

For the next 20 seconds, high five your siblings as many times as possible. (Find out who did the most high fives.)

Walk like a robot.

Run in place like a bird (add other animals: seal, elephant, crab, etc.)

Count how many jumping jacks you can do in 10 seconds.

Were some of those commands easy or hard for you? Jesus gave His disciples (and us) a command to complete. We are to tell others about what Jesus has done. He has promised to give us the power we need to obey this command (Acts 1:8).

A Perfect Dozen

Items Needed: Dozen eggs, size 12 shoe, ruler

Show your children each item and ask them to tell you what all three items have in common. (The number 12) Then ask them if they can think of 12 very special things Jesus had. (His closest friends–the 12 disciples)

Remind your children that after Christ rose from the dead, He instructed His disciples to tell others about Him. He sent them out to tell people all over the world about Him. That job is for us too! Help each other brainstorm a couple ways you can share Jesus with others this week.

Hunt for Opportunities

Items Needed: Several small items to hide around the house

Show your children the items before you hide them. Once you have hidden them, give your children the opportunity to hunt for the hidden items. If time allows, you might want to let your children hide them for you to hunt.

After each item is found, talk about how they need to hunt for opportunities to share Jesus with others too. Spend a few minutes discussing opportunities that might come up and how they can approach sharing Jesus with others. Close your time together in prayer asking God to give each of you courage in each sharing opportunity.