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Treasure Hunt

Items needed: Small pieces of paper, writing utensil, each family member’s favorite snack or candy

Write the following words on the pieces of paper: peace, joy, patience, strength, comfort, provision, relationship with God

Hide the papers around the room and instruct your children to look for them. When all the papers have been found, read them together and discuss each one. Emphasize to your children that each one is a heavenly treasure, something we receive because we know God as our Savior.

After the family discussion, pass out the favorite treats. As everyone enjoys their treat, discuss the difference between earthly (temporary) and heavenly (lasting) treasures.

If I Had a Million Dollars. . .

Ask your children how they would spend a million dollars if someone gave it to them. Share your ideas as well.

Talk to your children about how money is not a bad thing. Emphasize that it is a necessary thing and ask them to share reasons we need money (food, housing, clothes, cars, gas, etc.).

Ask your children: When does money become a bad thing? Money becomes a bad thing when it becomes more important than God. We must be careful to love and obey God first. He wants us to love and help others as well.

It’s fun to think about how we would spend a million dollars, but we don’t really need that much money. God is our provider, and we have many treasures when we know Him as our Savior. Spend a few minutes sharing the treasures God gives us through our relationship with Him (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, grace, strength, comfort, etc.).

What Are You Hunting For?

Items needed: pirate costume or pictures/items of the following: eye patch, hat, bandana, large X, shovel, parrot, map with X, etc.

Show your children the items and ask them what they have in common—what these items make them think of. (Everyone knows pirates are known for hunting treasure.)

Remind your children that God gives us treasures that last much longer than money, jewelry, or gold. We can’t take those treasures to Heaven with us. Ask your children to name the heavenly treasures we receive from having a relationship with God as our Savior (peace, love, mercy, grace, joy, etc.).

Pray together asking God to help each of you seek His treasure over earthly treasure.