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God’s Greatest Gift

Items Needed: Small wrapped gift (gifts for each child–optional)

Wrap a small gift to illustrate the gift God gives to us. (You might want to wrap and give a small gift to each child after you share the object lesson.) Hold out the gift and say, “I promise that the first person to take this gift can have it.” (Give it to the one who responds first.)

Ask: What did you have to do to get the gift? Did you have to pay for it? Did you have to be good to get it? All you had to do was take the gift. Did I keep my promise and allow you to have the gift?

God’s greatest gift to us is His Son Jesus and the forgiveness we receive through Him. Because God gives us the gift of forgiveness, He wants us to forgive others too. Who can you offer forgiveness to today? Do you need to ask someone to forgive you?

Teach Forgiveness!

Teach your children to forgive. Ask them to share a time when they were offended, insulted, or hurt. Allow them to express how they felt when someone offended, insulted, or hurt them. (Sad, mad, left out, etc.)

To forgive someone means you will not try to get back at the person who hurt you. It does NOT mean that person was right—it is wrong to hurt others. It is okay to feel sad or mad when someone hurts you. Forgiveness means you are willing to let God help you let go of the hurt.

Instruct your child to pretend they are holding the hurt in their hands. Then tell them to go throw it in the trash can. We should forgive others because God forgives us and refusing to forgive others is hurtful to us.

Forgiveness can allow us to renew our relationships with others. Let’s be willing to forgive!

How Many Times?

Share and discuss the meanings of the following sayings with your children:
I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.
I’m going to explode.
I’m dying to have some chocolate chip cookies.
This rain is driving me crazy.
My suitcase weighs a ton.
I’m going to melt.

Every one of these statements is an exaggeration. We know none of these things are possible and won’t actually happen. They are things we say to explain our feelings.

When Jesus taught his disciples about forgiveness, do you know how many times he told them to forgive someone who hurt them? Peter asked if 7 times was enough, but Jesus told him to forgive 77 times. Do you think Jesus wants us to keep track of each time we offer forgiveness and quit when we reach 78 times? No, Jesus was giving Peter (and us) an example explaining we should always be willing to forgive others just as He has forgiven us. Pray together asking God to help you have a spirit of forgiveness and thanking Him for His forgiveness.