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Back In Time

Items Needed: Items or pictures of items that are outdated (telephone, payphone, computer, car, refrigerator, etc.)

Some of these things are still around, but they have changed a lot. Some of them aren’t even used anymore. We would call these things outdated. When something is outdated, it isn’t important, useful, or needed anymore. God’s Word is not outdated! Everything in the Bible is true because the words in the Bible are from God. His rules were important when they were written, and His words are still important today. When we love God, we follow His rules. He loves us and gives us rules to help us and keep us safe.


Items Needed: Picture of Tabernacle, pictures of variety of places (optional) Examples: car, bed, school, church, park, etc.

Show your child a picture of the Tabernacle. Explain to your child that the Tabernacle was the place sacrifices were made. Sacrifices allowed God’s people to receive forgiveness of their sin. The priests helped the people and prayed for them as well. Remind your child that after Jesus died on the Cross, we no longer needed the priests to pray and sacrifice for us. We can pray anywhere and anytime!

Show your child the other pictures and ask them to identify each place. If you are not using pictures, you could describe different places and allow your child to guess the places you describe. Emphasize to your child that they can pray in each of these places and many more. Close your time together in prayer thanking God for His forgiveness and for Jesus’ sacrifice.

What Do You Need?

Ask your child about the things a plant needs to live. (water, soil, sunlight, etc.) Then ask them to name some things we need to live. (food, water, rest, etc.) After a brief discussion, ask them what our most important need is. Allow them to respond, and then remind them we all need a savior. Ask them if they know who our Savior is. Remind them God sent His Son Jesus to die on the Cross for our sin. Jesus sacrificed His life for the world! Emphasize to your child how we should thank God for His Word and His Son every single day.