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What Do You See?

Item Needed: Mirror

Allow your child to look in the mirror. Ask them to tell you what they see. Ask questions to help them if needed. (What color are your eyes? Do you see freckles?) Allow others to have a chance describing his or her reflection.

Talk to your child about how the way we live should reflect the character of Jesus. Help them list some of those character traits. (kindness, love, generosity, selflessness, etc.) Emphasize to your child that the Christ followers who helped start the early church encouraged each other to show others the character of Jesus. Allow your child to choose one character trait they want to work on this week.

Time for Church!

Item Needed: Paper and pencil or whiteboard and dry erase marker

Draw a church for your child, but draw it slowly, one line at a time. After you draw each line, allow your child to guess what you’re drawing. (Your child might not recognize what you are drawing until the very end, and that’s okay.) Talk to your child about how you just “made” a church in your drawing. Emphasize that when the Christ followers we read about in the Bible started the early church, the people lived life together and told others about God and His love. Spend a few minutes discussing different activities we enjoy with other people in the Church. (learn, pray, worship, praise, teach, share, etc.)

Rushing Wind

Play various sounds on your phone for your child. Examples might include birds, whales, bees, dump truck, horn, clapping, etc.) Allow your child to listen and guess after each sound is played. Then play the sound of a rushing wind for your child. Explain that God is one God in three different forms—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Remind your child that God sent the Holy Spirit to the believers after Jesus died, arose from the dead, and went up to Heaven. The Bible tells us when the Holy Spirit came, the believers heard the sound of a rushing wind. Remind your children that some of the things we learn about God are hard to understand or confusing. Emphasize to your child that God will help them understand Him and His Word. Pray together thanking God for His Church, the Holy Spirit, and His help in understanding Him and His Word, the Bible.