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Working Together

Play a game of charades as a family. Act out the various activities of the believers in the early church. (teach, worship, pray, eating, sharing with others, praise, etc.) Talk to your child about how we can work together with other Christ followers at church, but each of us is different and has a special talent or purpose. Some people are really good teachers, and others like to share the good news of Jesus with everyone they meet. We must all work together to share the gospel—the story of Jesus and His sacrifice for us—with everyone. God wants people from every country, state, and city to know about Him and His Son Jesus. Who can you share Jesus with this week?

Shoes and a Purpose

Items Needed: Variety of shoes (flip flops, high heels, tennis shoes, cleats, hiking books, rain boots, etc.)

Show your child the different types of shoes and allow them to share what activities go well with each type. Emphasize that people are also very different—in language, looks, talents, etc. Ask your child if Jesus only wants tall people to know and follow Him. Replace tall with other adjectives then emphasize that the story of Jesus is for everyone, no matter where we live, what we look like, or who our relatives are.

Pick a Favorite!

Spend time as a family sharing your favorites in a variety of categories. (ice cream, movie, color, pizza topping, etc.) Tell your child having favorite things is okay, but emphasize to them that Jesus does not have favorites. He loves everyone, and He wants everyone to know Him, love Him, and follow His ways. The good news of Jesus is for all people!