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Prayer, Pretzels, Pajamas

Items Needed: Pretzels of any kind (or another snack that begins with P)

After dinner one night, instruct your family to change into pajamas before participating in this activity. Ask your child to explain what they think prayer is. Emphasize that prayer is talking to God and that Paul instructed the believers who received his letters to pray for others. Remind your child that prayer begins with the letter P, and that is why you are in your pajamas eating pretzels.

Allow each family member to share a prayer request and close your time together in prayer.


Items Needed: Pudding or Jell-O and other needed ingredients and supplies

Allow your child to help you make pudding or Jell-O. Talk about the ingredients and observe the changes that happen during the process.

Emphasize to your child that God changes our lives through His love for us and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus on the cross. Remind your child that Jesus never sinned, (anything we think, say, or do that goes against God’s way) but He died for our sin. Because of His death, we can live with Him in Heaven one day. That is a beautiful example of grace—an undeserved gift from God.

Thank God for His life-changing gift and enjoy your treat together!

Bright Light

Items Needed: Flashlights

Gather the family in a room your child is very familiar with. Turn the lights out, then instruct them to shine the flashlight on various items in the room. For example, you might say, “Shine the light on the couch.” You might also allow your child to instruct you where to shine the flashlight.

After a few minutes, talk to your child about how God changed Paul’s life with a bright light when he was traveling. Paul changed from a man who hated those who followed God to a man who told others about Jesus. Emphasize that God’s grace—undeserved gift—changes our lives as well.