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Share several situations with your child and ask them if they can figure out how these situations are the same. For example: a robbery, a car wreck, a toothache, a stomach bug, etc. After allowing time for your child to guess the similarity, tell them these situations are the same because they are all unannounced events. These events are not expected or announced—they take us by surprise.

The Bible tells us Jesus will return to earth one day to take us to Heaven with Him, but only God knows when that is going to happen. We must be ready—living for Him and telling others about Jesus and His love.

Coming In the Clouds

Items Needed: Large or jumbo marshmallows

Hide several large or jumbo marshmallows and send your child on a hunt to find them. Count them or jot down the hiding places to ensure all are found. When the marshmallows are found, you might want to allow your child to hide them for you to find.

After the activity, ask your child what the marshmallows might remind us of (clouds). Then discuss Jesus’ return with your child. Emphasize that the Bible tells us Jesus will return the way he left—in the clouds. Remind your child that we must be ready for His return, and we do this by believing Jesus is our Savior and telling others about Him and His love.

Secret Alarm

Set an alarm without your child’s knowledge—a phone alarm is great because you don’t have to be at home for it to work. When the alarm goes off, announce to your child that it is time for a surprise activity. Simple ideas include playing a game together, sharing a treat, going to the park, reading a favorite book, taking a walk, etc.)

After the activity, talk to your child about how Jesus could come back any day and we must continue to be ready—doing what is right. Just as we enjoyed the time together when the alarm went off, we will enjoy being with Jesus when He returns with the sound of trumpets and takes us to be with Him!